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Welcome to your one-stop generator knowledge shop! Putting all the need-to-know information about generator care, tips on purchasing the perfect generator for you and how to get up and running in one place, we’ve got you covered.

While the world of generators can feel like a minefield with so many different types, power specs and offerings, let us boil down the process into plain English for you. Compiling the top FAQs and best advice, you’ll walk away an expert.

A generator in the back of a van

A Beginners Guide to Generators

Your generator journey begins here! Giving you all the knowledge and advice you’ll need to get started and buy your first generator, we’ve made it simple for you.

Find all the need-to-know information about generators - what they are, their usages and the different types. For the basics, look no further.

Refilling a generator with oil

Generator Care Guide

To ensure your generator is as long-lasting and reliable as it’s built to be, find out how to best look after it with our generator care guide! From essential care rules to preventative steps, generator maintenance couldn’t be easier.

Man walking with a generator

How to Choose the Right Generator

Boiling down all the different options, types and additional extras, discover your perfect generator here with this handy resource on choosing the right generator.

Plugging in a generator

Generator Safety

The serious bit - generator safety. To help you stay safe while using your generator, read this before you power up to make sure you’re running responsibly to protect you and your generator.

Power Calculator

Calculate the power you need right here with the Bimson handy wattage calculator!

A Guide to Generators for Camping

To help you have the best trip possible, read this camping generators guide to find all the tips and tricks for camping generators.

A Guide to Generators for Caravans

When it comes to generators for caravans, it’s really all about personal choice. Find out more in our guide to generators for caravans.

Generator in front of motorhome

A Guide to Generators for Campers, RV & Motorhomes

Unlock those campsites without plug points. Read more in our guide to motorhome, RV & Camper generators.

Generators and Electric Cars

Can generators be an important helping hand for electric car users? Read more in our electric car owners guide to generators.

Best Selling Generators

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Save £50.00
Champion 2200 Watt Inverter Generator 'The Mighty Atom'

Champion 2200 Watt "Mighty Atom" Petrol Inverter Generator

Sale price£429.99 Regular price£479.99
Save £423.20
Champion 2000 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Inverter Generator - Bimson Power

Champion 2000 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Sale price£399.99 Regular price£823.19
Save £100.00
Champion 2200 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Inverter Generator overview

Champion 2200 Watt "Mighty Atom" Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Sale price£579.99 Regular price£679.99
Champion 7000 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator With Electric Start
Front View of the Champion 3500 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Inverter Generator
Champion 3600 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Digital Hybrid Inverter - Bimson Power
Another side view of Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Petrol Generator
Warrior LDG6500SV Diesel Generator Front view

Warrior 6.25 kVa Diesel Generator

Sale priceFrom £1,552.81
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Champion 3600 Watt Digital Hybrid Frame Type Inverter - Bimson Power
Champion 3000 Watt "Atom Fusion" Petrol Inverter Generator
Champion 3000 Watt "Atom Fusion" Dual Fuel Inverter Generator
Champion 8000 Watt Petrol Generator