Caravan Owners Guide to Generators

Hybrid Generator in front of caravan

When it comes to generators for caravans, it’s really all about personal choice. Depending on your caravan, where you like to setup camp, or how prepared you want to be, keep reading to find out all the need-to-know info about generators and caravans…

Do you need a generator for a caravan?

Most caravan parks have their own power sources and supply which you simply plug into on arrival.  However some of the more remote (best) spots don't. This means that you might run off batteries for a short time, but ultimately will need power if you want some of the home comforts that electricity brings.

Also for a lot of caravan owners, a generator is a comforting addition, giving you peace of mind that even in a power outage, you can stay powered up.

Tips for buying a generator for a caravan

When buying a generator for a caravan, there are a couple of important things to consider. Especially when you’ll be travelling around and possibly spending time out in the countryside, the requirements are a little different to your regular DIY or household generator…

How much noise it makes

When staying at a caravan site or exploring the countryside, it's important to be considerate. Generators can be quite noisy, and no one wants to be that person creating a disturbance and ruining the relaxing atmosphere. So when looking for generators, make sure to check their dBa level, aiming for nothing over 60 dBa at a 7m distance.

The number of appliances it can power

Before buying a generator, use our wattage calculator to make sure it can safely handle any and all electricals you might need to power. Offering different power levels for different requirements, you can find the perfect one for your needs.

The fuel it takes

As a generator requires fuel, its important to consider what fuel you’d feel safe and comfortable dealing with – as petrol and diesel are highly flammable and require responsible storage. Also, its important to consider your emissions and environmental impact. Why not take a look at our duel fuel generators, running on LPG for greener running that is welcomed by more campsites than traditional fuels.

The generator’s weight

As your caravan will have a weight limit, you need to consider how much of this you’re willing to give up to a generator. If you’re already struggling for space and storage, a compact generator is a must; with something like the ultra-light Mighty Atom being a good option. But depending on your caravan’s size and weight limit, this can be customised to your needs.

What size generator do I need for a caravan?

The best way to find the right generator size for you is to use our wattage calculator, allowing you to find out the power level you require. While a caravan shouldn’t need a huge power level or an industrial-size generator, it’s vital to not overload your generator.

Silent, portable generators for caravans

92001i-DF Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Champion 2200 Watt "Mighty Atom" Dual Fuel Inverter Generator – Using LPG for more sustainable running and weighing only 17.6kg – the Mighty Atom is the best pick for a camper generator that won’t weigh you down.

73001i-DF Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Champion 3500 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Inverter Generator – this ultra-quiet generator will keep the peace at camper parks while packing a powerful punch to keep you up and running.

CPG4000DHY-DF Dual Fuel Hybrid Inverter Generator

Champion 3600 Watt Dual Fuel Digital Hybrid Frame Type Inverter – Producing clean power with a hybrid design that’s smaller, lighter and quieter than traditional generators, it’s a great option for a backup generator.

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