Pressure washer spraying dirt off wooden patio

A Guide To Cleaning Your Patio With A Pressure Washer


Summer is here and we all want to spend more time in the garden whilst it is still hot. But is your garden and patio ready? Whether paved, wooden or concrete, your patio can become grimy with weeds, moss, dirt, oil or slimy algae – making it unsightly and slippery to walk on. A pressure-wash is the quick way to get it looking like new and here’s our step-by-step guide to doing it the right way!

A man gardening in the summer sun

What To Do In Your Garden In August

The longest day of summer has passed and your garden should be in full bloom as you welcome the results of your previous hard work. Don’t rest on your laurels though, there’s still plenty to be done from pruning and planting to sowing and general maintenance. Here’s your list of tasks for August.
Cordless Lawn Mower in action

What to look for in a cordless lawn mower


As your lawn comes to life in spring and summer, a cordless lawnmower is a time-saving, hassle-free piece of gardening equipment that should be a high priority. Here’s our list of the top 8 things to look out for when researching your purchase…

A butterfly resting on a branch

Making hedges more wildlife friendly


One way you can help maintain and even improve the UK’s biodiversity of wildlife is to create a wildlife-friendly hedge in your garden. Here’s everything you need to know…

Man using the cordless Warrior leaf blower to clear a heavy patch of dead leaves

What to look for in a cordless leaf blower


If you’ve ever spent your autumn months endlessly raking, picking up, and disposing of fallen leaves in your garden, then you’ll likely have thought about investing in a leaf blower to quicken the process. Aside from the sheer time it takes to complete this task manually, it can also be tough on your back, so let’s find your best cordless leaf blower!

Grass Trimmer cutting grass edge

The Pros and Cons of an Edger vs Trimmer for your lawn


These days we have a myriad of gardening tools at our disposal and whilst some of them are vital, do we really need them all? One such debate is around the lawn edger vs string trimmer. Both are handy with seemingly different uses, but do we need both? Let’s look at the facts…

A big lightbulb in the garden – other lights twinkle in the background

Garden Lighting Ideas


Perfect for your Pinterest board – this is about illuminating ways to bring a sparkle to any garden – no matter the size!

A bee flying to the pollen of a flower.

Low-maintenance planting for biodiversity


Creating biodiversity in your garden is important for British wildlife and the success of your green space, but getting there shouldn’t become a source of stress. That’s why we’re sharing our knowledge on low-maintenance plants for biodiversity.

A sunny bench surrounded by greenery and flowers

Getting your garden ready for summer


Summer in your garden… Doesn’t it sound perfect? It can be, if you follow our 12 steps to getting your garden ready for summer.

A bee pollinating a flower

Beginner's Guide to Garden Wildlife: Insects


Even though insects are small, they have a big impact on the ongoing health and success of your garden. Crawl or fly this way and read our Beginner’s Guide to Insects so you can create a garden they’ll love.

A toad sitting on rocks

Beginner's Guide to Garden Wildlife: Toads & Newts


Even if toads and newts may not be everyone’s favourite garden guest, they are undeniably important for the ecology of British garden wildlife. So, whether you love or hate them, they deserve their own Beginner’s Guide to Toads & Newts.

A vole chewing on reeds in a pond

Beginner's Guide to Garden Wildlife: Voles

Voles may not be the kind of garden wildlife you're hoping to see. Although they're cute, they can damage your garden in various ways, so prepare your garden with our Beginner's Guide to Voles.