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M3, a technical product testing company in Sweden has labelled the Champion Mighty Atom Dual Fuel as the top rated Inverter Generator in their review "Best Inverter Generator of 2022".

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Here is the English translation:

Best inverter generator of 2022: backup power for work, home and adventure.

Are you looking for a small and flexible inverter generator for this summer's camping adventure, or as backup power at home or work? M3 has tested three different portable models.

Generators are great for when you’re stuck without power. For example, they can drive a saw or a wood splitter outdoors, or keep the lights and TV on during a long power outage. At the same time, portable generators are an extremely flexible solution that you can carry with you without breaking your back.

We tested these Inverter Generators:

  • Briggs & Stratton P2400
  • Champion 2200W Dual Fuel The Mighty Atom
  • Honda EU22i

We contacted the largest manufacturers and asked for portable generators that can deliver around 2,000 watts. The generators must also be able to drive sensitive electronic equipment like laptops, so we chose to focus on inverter models, ie capable of delivering a clean sine wave. 

The three models we have tested are all comparable in terms of power and format, although they differ somewhat in other respects.

3 generators on lawn

What we tested.

We measured what load the generators were able to deliver before the overload protection tripped, as well as the noise level without or with maximum load (one and five meters distance from the front). 

We checked the frequency and measured the voltage at different loads to see any deviations. In addition, we have looked at factors such as weight / dimensions, IP classification, operating time, functions and sense of quality in general. 

Finally, we assessed how simple the generators were to handle and of course weighed this against the price tag.

Briggs & Stratton P2400 Inverter Generator

Briggs & Stratton P2400

The generator from Briggs & Stratton is the largest and heaviest in the test, but it does not differ much from the others. Dry, the P2400 weighs 22.7 kilos, and poses no problem to drag it with you to and from the car. A little strange is that the carrying handle is not centered, which makes it feel unnecessarily cumbersome to log around.

Like Champion, Briggs & Stratton have put on sticky notes that show step by step how to prepare and start the generator, which is very simple. No tools are required to access the oil pan, however, there is no oil stick, instead you must fill oil "up to the edge". Simply expect a little waste. The fuel tank holds 3.8 liters of petrol and there is an integrated refill filter.

Briggs & Stratton P2400 front face

The P2400 started on the first try when the choke was activated, and after that the generator ran nicely. We mainly associate the American manufacturer with motors for lawn mowers, an area where the company, according to themselves, is a world leader. 

This generator has a 4-stroke ohv motor that will be able to deliver stable power of 1,800 watts with a clean sine wave. We tested the load on the the generator up to the maximum limit and at 2,000 watts the P2400 continued to deliver, but was clearly struggling. 

The generator must be able to handle a starting power of 2,400 watts (hence the name, we assume) with no problems at all. When we tested over 2,000 watts, however, the circuit breaker switched off immediately (without voltage loss). 

The frequency is always stable at 50Hz, so the generator undoubtedly delivers what is promised.

Loudest of the three

In terms of sound level, the P2400 is noisier than the other generators we tested. Without load, we measure 77.6 dB one meter from the front and 64.6 dB five meters away. With a maximum load, we measure a full 72.5 dB at a distance of five meters. Not too bad, but still the worst in this starting field.

Man testing generator in field

Briggs & Stratton's generator is the cheapest of the three generators we tested, and it still has some advantages over competitors. There is a built-in carbon monoxide sensor that automatically shuts off the generator if the level becomes too high (life-threatening). And in the front, in addition to two ac connectors, there are dual USB ports and a 12 volt dc connector. A pity that the latter only delivers five amps as a maximum. 

If you do not need to run on propane but appreciate the extra outlets and lower price, then the P2400 is definitely a good buy.

Our Opinion

The test's cheapest generator delivers what is promised, while at the same time offering more connections than the competitors' models. It's not the easiest and it's noisier than the other two models we've tested, but it's still affordable in our eyes.


  • Plenty of connections
  • Possibility to connect several generators in parallel
  • Built-in carbon monoxide sensor


  • Slightly high noise level
  • Relatively heavy and large
  • Only 5 amps from the dc socket

Rating 4 out of 5

4 out of 5 stars

Facts Briggs & Stratton P2400

Model : P2400 EU, model no. 030800
Manufacturer : Briggs & Stratton
Driving power : 1,800W
Starting power : 2,400W
Driving time (25% load): 8h
Tank volume : 3.8 liters
Connections : 2 pcs 230V ac, 12V dc (5A), 2 pcs usb (2A / 1A), parallel connection
Measured sound level without load (1 m / 5 m) : 77.6 dB / 64.6 dB
Measured sound level max load (1 m / 5 m): 85 dB / 72.5 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH): 510 x 310 x 440 mm
Weight (dry): 22.7 kg
Warranty: 3 years (limited)
Other: Built-in carbon monoxide sensor



Champion Mighty Atom Dual Fuel

Champion 2200W Dual Fuel The Mighty Atom

The American brand Champion are big on generators, they offer models in all sizes. The model we have tested is completely new on the market and differs from the other two tested generators in that it is also possible to run on Propane. More on that later.

"The Mighty Atom" is without a doubt a powerful product name and according to the manufacturer, this is the world's lightest 2200 watt model. On the generator there is a sticker that explains step by step how to start the generator. We filled up with petrol and the supplied oil, the latter requires you to open a side lid with two screws. The lid where you top up with oil has a stick, so you can keep track of the level, and the generator switches off automatically if the level becomes too low.

main with generator in field

The Champion 2200W Dual Fuel starts immediately after two pulls on the string and it is surprisingly quiet without load. We measure 70 dB directly at the front of the machine and 53.3 dB 5 meters from the generator. When we connect our load of 1,800 watts, the speed increases significantly and then Honda's generator is quieter. There is also an eco mode, with this activated the engine hums really discreetly (but then can not handle the same load).

The generator has a 230 volt socket in the front behind an IP44-rated protective cover. Otherwise, only a 12 volt dc socket (8 amps) is available. In the front there is also a knob, where you choose between LPG or petrol, and if you want to activate the choke or turn off the generator. There are also connections for connecting the generator in parallel to a similar one to increase the power. For the ac socket, you also have a 16 amp circuit breaker that resets the generator if it has been overloaded.

Stable 2,000 watts

Champion's generator has no problem operating the load it is specified for, and a little more. 2,000 watts is no match and it also managed short spikes up to 2,500 watts. Unlike the other generators, however, we got a voltage drop (down to 180 volts) just before the overload protection struck. But as long as we did not load the generator outside the specs, it went steadily and the frequency remained at 50 Hertz all the time.

The package includes a LPG regulator and hoses, but unfortunately we had to cut the quick coupling as the one that is supplied does not fit the screw on the EU LPG bottle you buy at the gas station. (Editors note: Champion are addressing this for EU clients) .

Once started, we immediately noticed (it takes some traction to get gas to the machine) that the engine runs really clean and smoothly. There are several advantages of propane operation, in addition to cleaner running, the operating cost will also be lower. Then you can choose the size of the bottle yourself and thus extend the operating time, and you do not have to deal with smelly petrol. The disadvantage is that the output is slightly lower and that you have to bring a separate tank.

Champion Mighty Atom plug points

If you want as much generator as possible for the money, this is a really good buy. The feeling of quality on the lid and plastic details in the front does not reach the Honda class and of course it would have been nice with more plug points. The low noise level, the ability to run on LPG and the low weight means that this generator ends up as the winner.

Our Opinion

Champion 2200W dual fuel performs really well and we like the flexibility of being able to run the generator on LPG.


  • Runs on both petrol and LPG
  • Possibility to connect several generators in parallel
  • Runs relatively quietly
  • Low weight and flexible format


  • Stingy with connections
  • Requires screwdriver to access the dipstick

Rating 4.5 out of 5

4.5 stars out of 5

Facts Champion 2200W DF The Mighty Atom

Model : 92001i-DF(-EU-SC)
Manufacturer : Champion
Driving power : 1,900W
Maximum power : 2,200W
Driving time (25% load): 10.5h (petrol)
Tank volume : 4 liters
Connections : 1 230V ac , 12V dc (8.3A), parallel connection
Measured sound level without load (1 m / 5 m) : 70 dB / 53.3 dB
Measured sound level max load (1 m / 5 m) : 85.3 dB / 68.6 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 440 x 290 x 450 mm
Weight (dry): 17.6 kg
Warranty : 3 years
Other : Also runs on LPG (regulator included)


Honda EU22i

Honda EU22i

Honda's generators are extremely reputable, you have probably, as we have seen, several really worn, well-used red small generators that are tough on the tireless, even though they have many years on their necks. The manufacturer was first out with the inverter technology in generators already in 1987, so they have been doing this for a while.

The model we have borrowed for testing is a small and flexible generator that weighs just over 21 kilos, before we top up with fuel and oil. There are no stickers with instructions on the generator itself, but it is super easy to get started. After we loosen a screw, we can top up with oil (stick is in the lid) and the fuel tank has an integrated filter. After we pulled the cord, the Honda started on the first try and then ran nicely.

Both with and without load, Honda ends up between the generator from Champion and Briggs & Stratton acoustically - 62.3 dB at a distance of five meters with a maximum load. This machine also has an eco mode that lowers the speed (and maximum power). Honda's sound level is not disturbing, but if your highest priority is the lowest possible noise level, then Champion’s model is a better choice.

Honda EU22i plug points

Honda's generator has two built-in ac sockets with separate 16-amp fuses. The front covers are ip54-rated, which means that they have a higher dust / pet protection class than the other two generators and it also feels clear that all plastic parts on the Honda model are of higher quality than the competitors' generators. There is also a 12 volt dc socket (8.3 amps) but this is of a special type that requires an optional adapter. You can also connect two Honda generators in parallel to double the power.

Stable frequency and 1.8 steady kW

EU22i has no problem with continuously delivering 1,800 watts for which it is specified, but when we pushed the generator closer to the maximum power of 2,200 watts, the overload protection switched off quickly (without a hint of voltage loss). Like the other two generators, Honda's engine delivers a clean sine curve and a stable 50 Hz.

Man testing Honda EU22i generator

We are a bit divided on Honda's generator as it costs a lot more than the competitors' alternatives. Will this generator be stable in 20 years' time when others shut down a long time ago? Of course, it's hard to test, but it can not be ruled out that Honda has a really good reputation in the industry. 

What we find is that it feels more lavish than the other two tested models, but that it is heavier, is louder and delivers slightly lower power than Champion's generator, while at the same time costing considerably more. But, if we were to buy a model to have as a backup to cool down a small nuclear power reactor (here we are thinking a bit fictitiously…), then the choice would still fall on Honda.

Our Opinion

Honda's EU22i is without a doubt a generator that maintains really high quality and that delivers stable power exactly according to the specifications. Based on what you get for your money, however, it is difficult to justify the higher price tag.


  • Solid and flexible
  • Double ac sockets with separate fuses
  • Possibility to connect several generators in parallel


  • Expensive

Rating 3.5 out of 5

3.5 out of 5 stars

Facts Honda EU22i

Model : 92001i-DF-EU-SC
Manufacturer : Honda
Driving power: 1,800W 
Maximum power : 2,200W
Driving time (25% load) : 3h 30 min
Tank volume : 3.6 liters
Connections : 1 pc 230V ac, 12V dc (8.3A), parallel connection
Measured sound level without load (1 m / 5 m): 76.4 dB / 58.8 dB
Measured sound level max load (1 m / 5 m): 78.8 dB / 62.3 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 512 x 290 x 425 mm
Weight (dry) : 21.1 kg
Warranty : 2 years

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