Cordless Lawn Mower in action

If you have a small to medium-sized garden then a battery-powered cordless lawn mower could well be the best option for cutting your grass. Quieter than a petrol-powered model and without the restrictions of an electric mower cord leashed to your power point, a cordless mower is quieter, eco-friendly and can rival the performance of petrol or mains-powered options. Let’s examine 10 considerations to keep in mind when buying.


Without the constraints of a tank full of petrol, a cordless mower will be lighter and easier to manoeuvre around your garden – a relief for larger gardens where a heavier piece of equipment makes for tiring work. Furthermore, the less weight, the easier it is to put away and store your mower, which can stand easily on a shelf or hang on a wall. Folding handles are also a real space-saver to look out for.


Cordless mowers usually generate less noise and vibration for a smooth and quiet mow. This means that early-morning or late-evening cutting won’t cause a fall-out with the neighbours or wake your children!


In the case of cordless mowers, charging time is a big consideration… no-one wants to wait hours. Our Warrior Cordless Lawn Mower charges in only 40 minutes and has a run-time of 60 minutes – enough to cut down a large garden with time for a long cold drink afterwards. Make sure your choice comes with a battery and charger included. For example, our Warrior model has a charger and a handy two batteries in the package.

Grass Collection

Make sure your mower has a collection bag on the back to avoid the back-breaking task of raking grass that has been spewed outwards from the blade. Pay attention to the size of the bag in relation to the size of your garden so that you’re not constantly halting the mow to empty the contents as it fills. Of course, mulching may be a preference for you and some models come with both options.

Mowed lawn

Cutting Heights

Look for a model that has a range of cutting heights for different areas of the garden that may get more or less light and for those periods of fast growth during the spring when rain and sun cause your grass to grow at a faster rate. If your lawn is uneven, using different cutting heights can also help you achieve a tidier look.

Rear Wheels

A quick mention of rear-wheel size – look for a larger size rear wheel for a more stable mowing experience. This may be particularly relevant for you if your garden is uneven or tilted.

Cutting Width

Quite simply, the wider your cutting width the quicker your mow!

Self-Propelled Drive

Self-propelled drive gives a smoother experience and allows the mower to gently take you along with it while it does the hard work. Again, this becomes an attractive feature depending on how large and even your lawn is.

To summarise, a cordless mower gives freedom and easier manouvreabilty thanks to a lighter piece of equipment. Pay special attention to charge-time, run-time and the amount of batteries and chargers that come with your model!