Champion new Steel Frame Generator - the Tough & Ready 3000Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator

Champion new Steel Frame Generator - the Tough & Ready 3000Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator

Champion's New 3000 LPG Dual Fuel Generators with Lifting Eye: Robust and Ready to Work! The heavy duty frames and lifting eyes make these generators ideal for the construction or hire industry. 
Champion New Most Powerful Inverter Generator

Champion's New, MOST POWERFUL Inverter Generator yet, rated at 7500 Max Watts!

Experience unmatched power and reliability with the Champion 97001i 7500 Watt Inverter Generator. In today's fast-paced world, reliable power sources are indispensable. Whether it's for backup during emergencies or for outdoor events like catering, having a dependable generator is paramount.
The Power to do more - Champion's new 3600 Watt Inverter Generators

The Power to do more - Champion's new 3600 Watt Inverter Generators

Champion's new 3600 Watt Inverter Generators are among it's most powerful range of inverters currently on the market.
Generator in front of carpenter

Finding The Right Generator For A Man With A Van


From charging tools to creating portable power on a work site, a generator can serve the many needs of carpenters, electricians, plumbers and trades of all kinds. If you’re working alone or with a partner on mobile jobs where a van is your office and work-space, you’ll require power that is robust yet quiet. Here’s our guide to choosing the right generator for any ‘man with a van’.

A big lightbulb in the garden – other lights twinkle in the background

Garden Lighting Ideas


Perfect for your Pinterest board – this is about illuminating ways to bring a sparkle to any garden – no matter the size!

Mighty Atom Inverter in field

Champion Mighty Atom Dual Fuel labelled Best Inverter Generator of 2022!

M3, a technical product testing company in Sweden has labelled the Champion Mighty Atom Dual Fuel as the top rated Inverter in their review "Best Inverter Generator of 2022" against the likes of Briggs & Stratton and Honda.
A man working with tools on a construction site.

Your 101 Guide To Construction Generators


Construction projects cover everything from small shop renovation to road works and large-scale building sites, so the requirements for power can range from small portable generators for power tools to large, high-powered generators that power everything from building equipment to worker accommodation.

Here’s your 101 guide to choose the right construction site generator for you.

A parked campervan overlooking a lake as the sun sets

Our Favourite Recipes To Make In Your Campervan


Hitting the open road in a camper van is every adventurer’s dream, but you don’t want to turn back when you get hungry. If you’re going fully wild, there won’t be electricity and space for food prep could be limited. In this handy guide, we’ll run through what you need for your mini-kitchen and some simple, tasty campervan recipes to help you get started.

Girls sitting at an outdoor festival

The Big Festival Round Up for Food Trucks


From the biggest music festivals to food festivals, culture festivals, outdoor concerts and so much more, festivals can be a profitable venture for food and drink traders. To help you achieve your goals, here’s an ever-growing list of the best UK festivals for your food truck.

A construction worker causing sparks

Our Portable Generator Safety Checklist


Your portable generator can be a life-saver in times of home emergency or as extra portable power for your business. However, it's important that you take the right precautionary measures to ensure the safety of you and your equipment.

People ordering at a food truck

The Caterer’s Guide to Festivals


Festival season is back in full swing for 2022 and with over 200 taking place throughout the year, you’d be wise to consider whether festival catering could be right for your food truck.

Worker fixing power cut

7 Ways To Prepare For A Power Cut


We’ve all been in that unexpected situation where the electricity suddenly blacks out and the whole family sets off scrambling for candles and matches! The recent UK storms have caused power outages around the country and served as a reminder that being prepared is the quickest way to restore calm in the household.

Whilst your power is down, here’s our guide to making things easier and more comfortable for the whole family.