Warrior 6.25 kVa Diesel Generator

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Start Type: Electric
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  • WARRIOR QUALITY – Diesel-powered 186cc engine.
  • WATTAGE – 6.25 kVa generator with 5500 maximum watts, 5000 running watts
  • RUNNING TIME - The 16-litre tank can run for up to 12 hours at 50% load.
  • SMART + SAFE – With a low oil shut-off sensor and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) control system for safe usage.
  • PEACE + QUIET – Quiet running with only 68 dBA noise level and enclosed by a soundproof canopy. (See Noise Level Information)
  • MULTIPLE OUTLETS – Including 1 x 120V 32amp and 1 x 240V 32amp
  • WIRELESS REMOTE - with LDG6500SVWRC mode


Warrior level power and quality - the Warrior 6.25 kVa Diesel Generator is designed for superior power that’s long-lasting. With a new and improved diesel-powered 186cc engine complete with a brushed copper alternator within that produces a steady motor speed, you can be confident in it.

 The 16-litre tank allows for 12 hours of run time at 50% load, making this a perfect generator for camping, events, emergencies and beyond. With a soundproof canopy and heavy-duty industrial frame, the quiet engine is also easily transportable.

 Packed full of smart tech for low-maintenance, long-lasting power, the generator has a low oil shut-off sensor as well as an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) control system to protect against any dangerous voltage fluctuations or surges.

 The ideal companion in power outages, the ELECTRIC model is even supplied with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Input Port compatible with our ATS Panel to automatically start up the Generator when loss of power is detected & stop it when the mains supply is restored.

The ELECTRIC model (non remote control) also has an ATS Input Port for ATS panel 190102000010.

Please Note: Dual voltage generators will only give approx. 50-60% of the rated output on the lower voltage.

kVa 6.25
Max Watts 5500
Rated Watts 5000
AC Load 1 x 120V 32amp / 1 x 240V 32amp
ATS Input Yes
Phase Single
Power Factor 1
RPM 3000
Engine 186
Fuel Capacity 16 Litres
Oil 10W-30
Oil Capacity 1.1 Litres
Start Type Electric
Low Oil Shutoff Automatic
Choke Type Automatic
Noise Level @ 7m 68 dBA
Dimensions L*W*H
(Fully Assembled)
88 x 59 x 73 cm
Weight 168 kg (370 lbs)
Operation at 50% >12 hours
Overload Protection Yes
Fuel Gauge Yes
Voltmeter Yes
Intelligauge Yes
Electric Start Yes
Wheels Included
Certification CE,EU Stage V,ISO9001-2000,GS,TUV
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty

What's in the box:

  • Warrior 6.25 kVa Diesel Generator
  • Optional: Remote Key with LDG6500SVWR Model
  • Operating manual

Wattage Reference Guide*

Microwave 1000 0
Coffee Maker 1500 0
Lamp 100 0
LED/LCD TV 150 0
Laptop 800 0
Modem/Router 20 0
Slow Cooker 200 200
Blender 300 650
Fan 200 0
LED/LCD TV 150 0
Radio 100 0
Game Consol 1500 0
Drill 600 900
Air Compressor 1600 4500
Circular Saw 1200 2000
Hand Sander 600 1200
Work Light 1000 0
Paint Sprayer 600 600
Lawn Mower 1200 2400
String Trimmer 350 875
Hedge Trimmer 450 1200
Edger 950 2400
Chainsaw 1200 2400
Pressure Washer 1200 2400
Refridgerator 700 2200
Sump Pump 1/2 hp 800 1300
Well Pump 1/2 hp 1000 2100
Furnace 1/4 hp 600 1000
Water Heater 4000 0
Window AC 1800 2800

How to calculate:


Total running watts of ALL items to be powered by the generator at the SAME TIME.


Add highest SINGLE starting Watt to the total RUNNING WATTS needed above.

*This chart is for reference only. Check your device for ACTUAL wattage requirements.

Reviews and Q&A

  • Dimensions..please

    Dimensions L*W*H (Fully Assembled) 88 x 59 x 73 cm, as listed under "specifications".

  • Do you accept payments by BACS

    We accept most cards and other methods of payment online, just not bank transfers.

  • If I ordered this warrior generator and the ATS, does the kit come with the battery to start the generator when mains power fails or is this an add on? It would be helpful if you could email a quote with everything I would need to order for automatic transfer from mains to back up generator. My nam is Mark Skinner and email is alertelectrical001@gmail.com

    The LDG6500 series have always come with a battery installed which will start the generator. If the generator isn’t in constant use I would charge the unit at least once a month.

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