A scale measuring the amount of volts

The most efficient generators for 2022


Efficiency is one of the most important factors in choosing a portable silent generator that gives you what you need. Here’s our curated collection of efficient dual fuel generators and petrol generators for 2022.

Northern Generators Logo above the Bimson Power Logo

Northern Generators is now part of Bimson Power

Northern Generators is now part of Bimson Power. It made sense for us to move to our parent company so we could bring you our full range of power tools in one convenient website!
A vole chewing on reeds in a pond

Beginner's Guide to Garden Wildlife: Voles

Voles may not be the kind of garden wildlife you're hoping to see. Although they're cute, they can damage your garden in various ways, so prepare your garden with our Beginner's Guide to Voles.
People are lining up at an ice-cream truck

How to choose the best generator for your food truck


When you’re serving food and drinks on the go, whether it’s a mobile coffee van, food truck, or you’re catering at an outside event, you need power. That’s the first step in almost any recipe. Here’s how you choose the best catering generator for you.

Birds sitting on a fence together

Beginner’s Guide to Garden Wildlife: Birds

Birds liven up gardens all over Britain, flying in and showing off their unique colours and songs throughout the year, but is your garden safe for them? Learn everything you need to know in our Beginner’s Guide to Birds.
A fox looking out from tall grass.

Beginner’s Guide to Garden Wildlife: Foxes

Foxes are an iconic presence in British nature (and gardens!), but is your garden going to be safe if they show up? Learn everything you need to know in our Beginner’s Guide to Foxes.
Tents lit up in the forest, with people around a campfire

6 things you need in a camping generator


Camping isn’t like it used to be. With a mobile generator, you can go anywhere you like and still have access to power and be able to use all your electronic appliances and gadgets for camping in style. Here’s how you choose a camping generator.

A hedgehog standing in twigs and leaves

Beginner’s Guide to Garden Wildlife: Hedgehogs

Everyone loves hedgehogs, but is your garden a safe environment? Let’s find out with our Beginner’s Guide to Hedgehogs.
A sparrow standing on a tree branch.

Beginner’s Guide: Caring for garden wildlife

For everything you need to know about creating a welcoming space for garden wildlife, we’re creating the Warrior Eco Beginner’s Guide.
Tree branches covered in snow

5 ways to prepare your garden for winter

When it’s cold out, winter gardening is never the first thing on your mind, so here are 5 easy tips and tools to keep your garden looking great all winter.
A lit bulb in focus, the filament spiralling inside the glass.

Back-up plan: How to choose a standby generator to power your home


With worsening weather conditions and rising energy demand, the UK is predicting power cuts this winter. With a home generator, you can have a back-up plan in place.

Looking out at the countryside from the window of a campervan.

6 places to escape in your campervan this Christmas


Christmas camping has a completely different festive feeling to camping at other times in the year and when you have a portable generator for camping, there’s nowhere you can’t go. Here are 6 of our favourite Christmas escapes in your campervan.