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When you’re serving food and drinks on the go, whether it’s a mobile coffee van, food truck, or you’re catering at an outside event, you need power. That’s the first step in almost any recipe. Here’s how you choose the best catering generator for you.

Food trucks are the highlight of any street or festival, giving people a window into all kinds of cuisines when they least expect it (but often when they most want it!).

Whether you’re getting into mobile catering now or are just looking to up your game with a new catering generator, we’re here to help you power your food and drink dreams with one of our silent, portable generators.

9 things you need from your catering generator:

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  1. Safe: You want a generator that’s safe for you and more importantly your clients. We’re so sure of our generators that they each come with a 3-year warranty.
  2. No smells: As many of our catering generators can take bottled gas, you don’t need to worry about the storage or overpowering odour of petrol. You don't want a smelly generator that overpowers the smell of your delicious food!
  3. Low running costs: Our generators can run at 25% power and only give you power when it’s needed. This means your fuel lasts longer so you won’t run out of power before the lunch rush. Low overheads equal higher returns.
  4. Compact: Food trucks aren’t known for their square footage, so you need a portable generator that can squeeze into small places and provide power without getting in the way.
  5. Quiet: Often you may need to place your catering generator in or near your food truck. In those times, you still want to be able to hear your orders, which is why our van generators run at some of the lowest decibels of all generators on the market!
  6. Versatile power: You never quite know what your next customer is going to order, so you need a mobile catering generator than can power all kinds of appliances, such as a fridge, furnace, lights, other small appliances, or a few household items.
  7. Speedy service: Just like your customers, you deserve help as soon as you ask for it. Our UK service centres mean that we’re never too far away, able to offer quick turnaround times that’ll get you and your catering van back in business.
  8. Eco Friendly: Many of our generators are dual fuel, meaning you can switch to bottled gas and only use petrol when you’re running low. With this and their low-power mode, our generators aim to reduce your impact on this planet
  9. Light Weight: A portable generator that’s too heavy to carry isn’t all that portable, is it? Our generators are easy to pick up and move around as you need

How big of a catering generator do I need?

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Getting the right catering generator for your needs is important, which is why we created our Wattage Calculator.

Take a look, decide which appliances you’ll need to power, and understand which catering generator will be best for you.

Here are a few examples based on types of catering:

Coffee van generator:

If you aren’t planning on cooking anything and only need power for a fridge, coffee machine, and maybe heat lamps to keep fresh pastries warm, you likely only need a small catering generator.

You might be suited to our: Champion 5500 Watt Petrol Generator CPG6500

Champion 5500 Watt Petrol Generator With Remote Start | Bimson Power

Key features:

  • Reliable Champion engine produces 6250 starting watts, 5000 running watts
  • Petrol powered 389cc engine with up to 10 hours run time at 50% load
  • Radio Remote Start

Food truck generator:

Parking up in popular spots and dazzling customers with your food truck street food? You’ll need a generator that can handle a few more appliances, perhaps including a grill or oven.

You might be suited to our Champion 7000 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator With Electric Start

Champion 7000 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator With Electric Start

Key features:

  • Dual Fuel (Petrol/LPG*) powered 439cc Champion 4-stroke OHV engine
  • With a 19kg bottle this unit can run up to 19 hours at 50% load on LPG
  • Rated Watts: 6000 Petrol / 5000 LPG

Mobile catering generator:

If you’re turning your skills to mobile catering for bigger events, you’re going to need a catering generator at the top of its game, able to power a range of appliances all going once at.

You might be suited to our Champion 8000 Watt Petrol Generator - CPG9000E2

Champion 8000 Watt Petrol Generator | Bimson Power

Key features:

  • Petrol powered 459cc engine with up to 10 hours run time at 50% load
  • Multiple outlets including 2 x 110v 32amp / 1 x 240v 32amp outlets
  • Reliable Champion engine produces 9375 starting watts, 7500 running watts

If you need a full-on all-night generator to allow you to run multiple items and it has to be quiet, because there are campers, or just the noise police; then the NGLDG12S has massive power and surprisingly low noise levels, but make no mistake this is a large unit!

A food van generator you can rely on:

No matter which of our catering generators you decide is best suited to your needs, you’re guaranteed a portable, silent generator for your food trailer.

Not only that, but you know you’re also guaranteed a catering generator with:

  • 3-year warranty
  • EU Stage V Compliance

Find the best generator for your food truck today!

Explore our catering generators now and get ready to share your on-the-go culinary skills with the world.

Need some help choosing a generator? Find out all you need to know in our Generator Guides and Tips section.