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Important Changes

Lots of things have changed in the gardening world in the last 10 years or so. Environmental issues and indeed the health of the population are far more important these days.

Probably one of the most important changes made has been the introduction of regulations and tighter air pollution standards for engines used in off-road machinery.

New Regulations and More to Come

The Regulation of Air Pollution for the United Kingdom includes chainsaws, grass trimmers and lawn mowers. With manufacturers forced to lower the emissions. However the some in the industry very quickly pointed out that "the new laws will more than likely backfire". And manufacturers will simply withdraw from an unprofitable market rather than invest in producing a new range of EU-compliant engines.

Smokey Lawn Mower

When taking into consideration the governments plans to phase out petrol and diesel cars by the year 2050 this statement becomes even more apparent. Some of the engine manufacturers themselves have already "warned the EU Commission that they will not be following the new standards".

The Future Looks Greener

So where does this leave the petrol garden tools? Already in some parts of USA they are being phased out. California for example around 10 cities have already banned petrol leaf blowers. And plans are being readied to phase out the use of all petrol garden tools in the future.

Back in 2018 Australia companies were banned from importing high emission garden tools that did not comply with new standards they set out. This after findings that these petrol tools could emit over 40 times the emissions of a normal car. Companies were given 12 months to unload non compliant products from their stock.

Investing in New Technology

It is almost impossible to make most petrol garden equipment greener. The main reason is due to some machines such as leaf blowers, grass trimmers and chainsaws for example being handheld. Hence they are not built to take on the added weight of a catalytic converter.

For the same reason, the sheer cost of redesigning the petrol lawn mower engines to incorporate new technology to reduce the output of emissions looks highly unlikely. Why enter into a depleting and dying market when the investment could be spent on new technology for the future. With many manufacturers already entering into the cordless garden tool market the signs are quite plain to see.

Research Cordless Products Before You Buy

Obviously this will eventually lead to the market being flooded with new brands and the prices should begin to fall as manufacturers compete for a stake in the market. With cheaper inferior products already hitting the shelves of superstores such as Lidl and Aldi. With false claims of petrol like performance from some manufactures it will pay to research before buying.

The obvious cut back these manufacturer will be making is in the battery and charger packs. As the cost of a decent high tech pack will set you back almost as much as the machine you are buying. However as the old adage goes “You get what you pay for”. The inferior chargers and batteries will cost you more in the long run.

Lithium Battery Pack

Samsung Technology

With Warrior Eco Power Equipment you are getting Samsung lithium ion battery technology. The fast charging batteries can reach full charge in around 40 minutes with the 4 amp battery charger. This can give you around 30 minutes working time under most conditions. The batteries will last for over 500 charges, over 75% more in comparison the the cheap counterparts.

With new lithium battery technology that is not only Eco friendly by running without emissions, but also uses a very low charging rate so is also energy efficient.

Cordless Environmentally Friendly Technology

So now is the perfect time for us all to do our bit for the environment and look to changing over to cordless battery powered garden tools. Not only will they help you to get the best looking garden, but also a greener garden and a greener planet. This has to be the way forward for the benefit of everyone.


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